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9:00. he is running for oakland's city council. and number of officials and organizations have endorsed him but some people in the neighborhood say wait a minute reporter linda each night on his legal problems and the questions he did not want to answer. >>> he took me to the army base and said it sounded like a promising investment a future by diesel plant at the sites of the old oakland army base. so mariel and his wife took out an act to $210,000 to mario torres. in oakland real-estate broker now running for city council. they say was never pay them back. and the site for the plant is still empty. >>> he was able to win our trust and then abused it. so that he could basically steal money from us. pedro says he paid war is more than $20,000 to help him open up a sports bar in oakland. but more than a year later he asked what happens. and i thought nothing was done. he says he stopped taking his calls he has no sports bar of his life savings are gone and he had to break the news to his college-bound son. >>> as said the hell you have to pay for college now because i have no
of the coast with the hope of bringing everyone home safe. >>> the city of oakland is hosting a title fight this weekend. and ray ward is boxing in the bout. it is helping show off oakland in a positive light. >> reporter: gasia this is first friday. attracting thousands of people. art, dining and retail scene. one of the many reasons to come to the city including a championship fight including the hometown hero. >> reporter: oakland's own boxing champion faces off his opponent at the weigh in today. [cheers and applause] fighter told me why he wants to fight here. >> me fighting at home is as much for the fans as it is for myself. a treat for them. everyone is excited. something positive going on in the city. >> reporter: the mayor says it is one more feather in oakland's cap. >> we are one of the most beautiful cities we are the most diverse. we are the third most literal city. we keep making the coolest city in america. >> reporter: the weight-year- old won gold and tomorrow night he is defending his title. hbo agreed to have his fight in oakland. >> once you get out here, great rest
spending 1 million now will help save money on repairing infrastructure dow wrote. >> in oakland, another new strategy to combat crime called operation cease-fire is being revealed. terisa estacio is joining us live from oakland. >>terisa: dozens of residents came out tonight to learn more about operation cease-fire. there are here to learn more about this new crime-fighting plan that the city is unfolding the essence of the plan focuses on faith based organizations like the church and that is holding a meeting tonight. leaders and congregation members will be going out into the community to try and talk to use. churches will be providing services like job training. as crime in oakland has skyrocketed. so far, the record 103 homicides. 85 homicides in total. a short time ago i spoke with the mayor about how this plan will work. >> focusing really on people most involved in violent crime in the making them aware that we know who they are and offering them assistants at the same time. that is what does the community health is critical is this a hard ashore with the county. >> is a unique
, pittsburgh leading oakland 17-14. the raiders looking for their first win of the season, pittsburgh looking for its first road win. come back to oakland after this message and word from your local station. you're watching the nfl on cbs, home of super bowl xlvii. there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's bringing the future forward. >> ian: here in oakland a quick start for the steelers, ben roethlisberger couple of touchdowns to heath miller. the raiders rally, palmer, darius heyward-bey, suisham the fieldgoal they got the lead 17-14 as we get ready for third quarter action take look at the directv ultimate picture cam, carson palmer getting a little roughed up. >> dan: first are you of the day, goes 64 yards and diving through the pylon in the end zone. other than t
younger sisters. reporting live in oakland, debora villalon. >>> has more information on organ donation and how you can help. look for the website for the organ donation organization. >>> the two oakland man who filed the suit said they were passed up at two in-and-out locations because they are african american and older. >> when you start to see systematic discrimination that's where the problems lie. >> in-and-out burger sent out a statement that says it does not discriminate. more people are coming forward with similar stories. >>> the person who shot and killed a man in is still at lar tonight. police say a man died just before 2:00 near marina road. the violence erupted near holmes, two schools and a day care center. the sheriff's officer held a shelter in place and schools went into lock down during the search. officers were unable to locate the gunman. the advisory was lifted shortly after 5:00 this evening. >>> stocks surged to close at their highest level in more than four years. a stronger than expected jobs report and the european central bond helped push the -- the
for tomorrow. court " >> nichole shanafelt shows us how something far tried to make oakland a safer place to live. >> guns and violence have got to go. >> community activist and church members marched from five locations in oakland. they were in areas known for every crime and violence. >> lou want to bring a visual awareness to the problem saying 95 percent of people they need to stand up and let their voices be heard. >> they ended up africa about plaza. >> it is not about one person doing everything. we are on our way to ceasing of violence in oakland. >> the group sang and spoke about the cities are real problems. >> partial clearing for the afternoon the temperatures in the upper 70's and low-eighties for the south bay. the warm spot, allman in valley with mid-80s. for close to 80 degrees in fremont. the statement of spots close to 90 degrees. san francisco will be close to 70 degrees. here is a look at the 7 day around the forecast. monday, pretty nice. not much of fog, and a lot cooler and less. after wednesday's look for increasing amounts of sunshine and warmer temperature
oakland, police say more than 80 shots were fired foss saturday evening. if some of the suspects appeared to be firing assault weapons. da lin has more. >>da: witnesses tell me if the gunman went to this driver and five people were running after this car and shooting at the drivers around 6:00 p.m. saturday evening. >> they all had guns. machine guns, one had a rifle, one headed ak-47. >>will: he says the gunman fired more than 80 shots. >> i told the kids come and get down we ducked for cover. he did not sound like it never stopped. it was a lot of gunshots. they hit my neighbor's car over here, they're from window, my daughter up there. >>will: one of the stray bullets graces this man and his eyes. if he was sitting in the passenger seat of an suv. another stray bullet said his two year old nephew's car seat. the bullet just missed him. >> we are blessed. >>will: the driver of the buick tried to get away from the gunman, lost control and slammed the car into this fans at the corner of fifth avenue and east 16th street. >> it is an ugly fans, but i'm liking it today! it stopped t
. oakland has had a problem after problem with their police radios system. officers say it often doesn't work a few weeks ago the city blamed at&t but denies any story you will see only on cbs five alan morrison discovered that is not the entire story. >>> >>> i didn't hear anything. it's a chilling sound to a police officer calling for backup and no one can hear. dear ill wait six it's been happening ever since oakland rolled out its new digital public safety radius system a year ago. it was a mystery until the city announced a breakthrough last month. >>> the bulk of the problems are the interference of the system did crews oakland's point man on the so-called peace 25 radius system says the interference is coming from at&t's cell towers. >>> when the officers get between a quarter mile to a half mile distance to experience problems. they say after at&t shutdown some 2 d service at the cell tower per things got a lot better. deadweight to rent that the building and oakland's downtown oakland and it works just fine. >>> at&t turned down a request for an interview a spokesperson to
to the cathedral. >> for the third time, the bronze sculpture honoring the lives and homes lost in the oakland hills fire was vandalized cutting off bars on the sculpture between saturday night and this morning. it depicts burned and regrowing trees following the 1991 fire. vandals have damaged twice before as well. 3,000 homes were destroyed, 25 people were killed in the fire. in addition to repair funds the committee is looking to raise $5,000 to help develop a surveillance system. >> investigators are still searching for answers after a fast-moving fire destroyed two homes in concord yesterday. the fire in which the response time wasn't what it should have been because of a nearby fire house that was closed because of budget cuts destroyed the homes quickly. firefighters say it's a miracle no one was hurt. the fire started at one home, then quickly spread to another before crews arrived on the scene. two families are now homeless because of that fire. the red cross is helping them with housing and other necessities while investigators determine the cause. >> volunteers across the bay area w
around. our sports producer will be here later. a very frustrating being denied the oakland a's. >> a developing story in san francisco, police are keeping an eye on the mission district after two consecutive nights of protesters smashing and vandalizing private property. >> glass was still being swept up on saturday morning. it was just one of many sides of vandalism after violent protests in the wake of an officer involved shooting on thursday evening. the mission district police station was the focus of the crimes. small businesses all sustained damages as well. >> this actually happened to us about four-five months ago. a group of people came by throwing rocks at the police station and ended up hitting a our building. >> many in the neighborhood are disturbed at the vandalism in the destruction of >> it is a pretty complicated situation. most of the community does not want to see the destruction of property. >>caller: the san francisco police are not aware of any protest end. walt >> police are preparing for a possible third night of vandalism. assesses >> police s
down. gain of half yard. call it third and nine for oakland. moore the motion man from the gun. palmer throws. caught by moore. first down raiders inside the 20. cortez allan there for pittsburgh. >> dan: good rhythm. fires a fast ball right in the zone. moore gets it and gets the catch, big first down on third down for the raiders. >> ian: darius heyward-bey now along oakland sideline working with the trainer. giordano has leg cramps he's get an i.v. in the locker room. hagan along with rod streater, rookie out of temple. >> dan: here is streater and hagan. >> ian: first down just inside the 20. rush coming. palmer gets rid of it. come backer for streater then hit by taylor. >> dan: because of injuries in the preseason streater was the raiders leading receiver. very comfortable with his quarterback, carson palmer. >> ian: it's a finger injury for heyward-bey. lost jacoby ford in the preseason for the rest of year he was a big weapon for carson palmer. second and five now for the raiders. palmer over the middle. finds a soft spot there with denarius moore he's cut down right at the ten
? >> the mayor of oakland continuing her efforts to keep local sports teams in her court, we'll tell you who she is turning to next and why this group fears it may be too late. >> clouds at the coast and sunshine in land and the little heat wave, the days to expect,,, >> new security measures were no match for the raiders fans as cameras captured a fight in the stands during last night's home opener, you can see a few men pushing each other before punches are eventually thrown. officers eventually break it up and end up handcuffing the men. the oakland raiders open up their regular season in front of a packed house and right in the middle of the raider nation, the oakland mayor. >> she is trying to keep all three major sports teams from leaving her city. cate caugurian is in oakland where the mayor is expected to show up any minute? >> that is exactly right, it is part of her rally to build support from local businesses here in this area but we're learning that they saw a flat side in the window, the support is already there. >> it is a business interests but it is also the heart, i believe in o
of fighting the fire has topped $20 million. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting in north oakland. investigators say a man was shot to death on the street around 9:20 at 53rd street near mlk. one block north of oakland children's hospital. traffic in the area is blocked off as police investigate. so far that have been no arrests and no word of any suspects or motive in the shooting. >> also in oakland, growing concern about safety after two more craigslist robberies. one victim was robbed at gun point during a meeting with a seller near 73rd avenue last night. the other incident happened this morning near 62nd and outlook avenue. this follows at least two other craigslist robberies in oakland in the past month. police say you should always insist of meeting in a high traffic, public location, when buying or selling on craigslist. >> in responsible to the ongoing crime in their neighborhoods, fed up residents, church leaders and officials marched for peace today. >> have to take back the streets. take bat our communities. >> lisa: they marched, 100 strong, down international boulev
. temperatures currently in low 50s in san francisco, 58 in oakland. we are expecting a beautiful afternoon tomorrow. >> amazon held a press conference showing off new you readers, new tablets and that they have lowered the price of their entry level devices. >> coming up later in the broadcast, mccarthy hit with a line drive yesterday. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> amazon unveiled new he readers and tablets. it tech world is buzzing over this move. this announcement comes five days before apple shows off its new iphone. amazon held a news events. " gabe slate shows us the new amazon gets its. >>gabe: this is the new kindle fire 8.9 in. tablet. >> it only with 20 ounces. >> it as more stor
. the injuries are not life-threatening. >>> a memorial for the victims of the 1991 oakland hills fire storm has been vandalized and it's not the first time. lillian kim is live in the oakland hills with a look at the damage. reporter: this is the sculpture vandalized sometime between last night and this morning. someone cut off five of the sculpture's metal bars. it's unclear the motive but it's likely they were taken with the intent to sell. this memorial is officially called the oakland fire storm memorial garden, and it is wired for security. there's lighting, a siren, and a video monitoring system. the community that maintains the memorial is hoping surveillance video will help them identify the person or people responsible. they're waiting for a call back from the security company that operates the camera. this isn't the first time this happened. the sculpture has been vandalized twice before. it's designed -- it's prominent part of the memorial garden and represents the regrowing of trees in the area after the fire storm of 1991. that's when fire destroyed 3,000 homes and killed 25 people
the release of these two sketches. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we have developing news in oakland right now where a policeman man hunt is under way. an accident occurred about 4:45 this afternoon on macarthur boulevard and richie street. police say the driver of the car that officers were chasing struck a vehicle, trapping a woman driver inside. then that fleeing driver reportedly struck the bus. he and his passenger ran from the scene. there is no word yet on injuries and police are actively looking for those two suspects. >>> also in oakland, police today announced the arrest of more than three dozen robbery suspects, many for on all too common crime. john sasaki is live in oakland tonight where the chief explained what made many of the victims easy targets. >> reporter: you can see people talking on or using their smartphones. among those people are people who see them as easy targets. oakland police announced that they arrested 34 people over the past month, most of whom committed more than one robbery. >> only analysis has shown that the victims in most cases are woman or peo
and listed in fair condition here at the hospital in oakland and police say the such is on for the -- the search is on for the person who fired. >> reporter: 16 bullet holes scattered throughout the home. >> i felt like bullet holes all over the wall, my mom crying. >> reporter: it was before 1:00 a.m., a bullet hits this frame, the boy is asleep and realizes he was shot. >> calm down. calm down. >> my brother came, blood dripping. >> this hurts so much. >> reporter: the mother says her son was transported to to the hospital. >> he had four surgeries in his stomach. he had a blot of blood. >> reporter: her son was shot once and he is alert and asking questions. >> he will be fine. he is asking for his brothers and and sisters. why him? why that happen to him? >> reporter: 9 people were inside the house but just the boy who was hit. >> this particular home was the target of some type of action. >> reporter: the 11-year-old is a popular student in his class. >> a lot of people are pulling for him and supporting him. >> reporter: the family says it does not know
communities because that is not one monolithic market. in san francisco, oakland where we do business, and all the different pockets of the bay area, there are tons of different communities that we all serve, and we have to understand the nuances and difficulties of each particular community because we cannot continue to talk about them as if they are all the same. online community market in oakland is pretty robust. they all struggle with audience, and these are folks that actually served the people that have not been traditionally served by corporate media, and we still have to deal with how we work with these communities, how we let them know that we have their backs and they are the ones we are focusing on because they are so used to being left out of the general marketplace. from a business perspective, how do we target those folks and let them know that they are the community we are focusing on? and also, how do you turn that into a profitable business model, not because we want to be rich, but because we have to pay the bills and make sure we can go to work the next day? that is the que
in oakland, debora villalon. >>> has more information on organ donation and how you can help. look for the website for the organ donation organization. >>> the two oakland man who filed the suit said they were passed up at two in-and-out locations because they are african american and older. >> when you start to see systematic discrimination that's where the problems lie. >> in-and-out burger sent out a statement that says it does not discriminate. more people are coming forward with similar stories. >>> the person who shot and killed a man in bay point this afternoon is still at large tonight. police say a man died just before 2:00 near marina road. the violence erupted near holmes, two schools and a day care center. the sheriff's officer held a shelter in place and schools went into lock down during the search. officers were unable to locate the gunman. the advisory was lifted shortly after 5:00 this evening. >>> stocks surged to close at their highest level in more than four years. a stronger than expected jobs report and the european central bond helped push the -- the dow jone
for tomorrow coming up. >>vicki: who want to night and about and oakland? rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. >>vicki: and it's been nearly a week since the officer shooting in vallejo. that left one man dead. the kron 4 fadeout is selling as with the community is doing. >> othey are gathering at the same spot the the police officer died last sunday to show their respects. >> i just am grateful to jesus that everybody to come. >> the mother said that this -- her son never deserve this. >> his family said that they raise hundreds of dollars to help pay for his funeral. we did pretty good. god is on our side. >> they're calling for the delay of community to show up but city hall on monday to find out what it wrong. said the the police department and the members of this community can get on
at the oakland coliseum, the dream continues for the petaluma little league team. >> if you are heading to the coast, to the beach or santa cruz, tomorrow, partial cloudy skies with low seventies. currently it looks like there is a riptide risk all weekend long. it will pinpoint your neighborhood forecast coming up >> coming up on consumer watch, drivers caught in a vicious cycle. ,, >> we're following developing news in the southeast. heavy rain flooded highways and knocked down power lines. the cbs reporter shows us parts of louisiana where locals are picking up the pieces. >> cisco gonzales returned way home today were two of his neighbors were found dead >> is a very sad moment because the people that live there were handicapped so it is a very sad moment. >> gonzales helped rescue dozens from his community even though his home was under water. streets still look like canals in this hard-hit home south of new orleans. the flood waters are slowly receding because the parish levee was intentionally breach to drain the area but a helicopter view shows many homes and businesses are stil
. >>> an oakland teenager accused of killing his adoptive parents admitted to the murders today. he is charmed with two counts of murder, suspected of strangling his adoptive parents. police say the two were found dead inside a car parked outside their home in oakland in january. he is being charged as an adult. >>> a chp officer killed during a traffic stop is being called a hero even after his death. kenyon youngstrom donated his orbegans to california residents, three from the -- organs to california resident, three from the bay area. the third woman received his liver, and a southern california man received his heart. youngstrom's funeral will be held at the mission church in vaccaville on thursday. >>> cases of west nile have jumped 25% in the last week, including one human case in the bay area. most people who contract the virus never know they have t. only 20% ever come down with the flu-like symptoms. most people get better on their own. but symptoms can become severe, leading to paralysis or even death. fortunately the bay area woman is recovering. but to help prevent further infectio
he was taken to hospital, it seems that he was still conscious. he is at oakland's children hospital. he says his younger brother has gone through three surgeries already. according to an uncle at a hospital, he called back to the family members to say that his nephew should be fine and should survive the injuries. at this point, they do not have a motive or any suspects. >>will: there are eight people who live at this small house. there were bound beds but apparently, they share the bottom bunk bed. >> and martinez, a driver crashed into a gas pump station that sparked a pretty intense fire. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >>jackie: the damage is pretty extensive. you can see the board, right there and the caution tape that remains at the flex oil gas station. a scary situation. a frightening situation out here yesterday given the time of day and the fact that there were people filling up when this happens. let's go to this witness video that was pulled off of you to to describe what happened. around 5:30 p.m., a chevy cavalier somehow plowed into one of these bombs. it is un
jennings. oakland police just lifted a shelter-in-place order. >> after they captured the parolee who crashed a car and then disappeared. nick smith is live at 14th and adeline. >> reporter: oakland police wrapped up their search for a man they described as armed and dangerous. he crashed his car. it was in conjunction with the emeryville k-9 unit they were able to find the man hiding in a backyard this is the man police had been looking for since 8:00 this morning. they will not release his name or charges. police only confirmed that he was known to investigators and there was an active warrant for his arrest. the suspect tried to get away and crashed into a pole. police say he jumped out of the car and ran. doing his best to hide in backyards. oakland police set up a perimeter, canvassed the area with assistance from the k-9 unit. after a 2 1/2 hour search, oakland pd got their man. >> wanted person was a yard. i can't go into details. we are still searching to make sure that no weapons or any evidence was left. this person is wanted in connection with a crime. é details because th
. >> new tonight, an arrest in the attempted murder of two chp officers in oakland, kenyon thomas was taken into custody, the incident happened july 21st as officers were making a traffic stop, a second car rammed the chp cruiser several times, the occupant and opened fire and took off, no one was hurt. >> we are experiencing some weird weather for this time of the year, parts of the bay area seen showers and there is even the possibility of lightning. meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the conditions for us. >> also a marked increase in humidity and we have high definition doppler radar fired up right now because of your just seeing showers wrapup, sunnyvale and los altos just saw the showers move out but as for where they're headed now, within 50 or 20 minutes he will likely see a shower or two in three months, watching numerous showers and a few thunderstorms just off the marin county coastline, lifting to the north. because of that risk of thunderstorms, fire weather is increasing and the red flag warning in effect for the north of east bay hills through tomorrow morning, details on
for oakland as it does for the rising boxing star. >>reporter: many people are cheering on this native. he is fighting chad paulson for the super model wheat title at the oracle are we not. even mayor jean quan is here to support andre ward. fighting for more than just a championship. he is fighting for its home town, oakland. >> what is it going to do for oakland? put us on the map. >>reporter: after his gold medal victories many people are supporting him. >> he could have taken his title round the world but he kept it right here. home grown! (cheers & applause) and you shohets love tonight. >>reporter: even the the raiders have taken those of black holes into the impacting tonight with well beyond the sports world. city leaders want to promote oakland. this will be televised, nastily on home box office. >> a bit televise-- nationally. >> i am happy. i want people to think of oakland as a sports friendly town. >>reporter: the support will show the nation that oakland loves its athletes and sports teams. she wants to show the national football league that oakland will do what ever it takes
to take back their streets in oakland, marching against violence in east oakland. >> the lights shine brightest and the darkest places. >>catherine: other residents are fighting against prostitution, giving police the license plates numbers of men cruising for sex. >> we want to get the understanding of their that they will not sneak into this neighborhood. >> da lin is in oakland tonight where the community is promising to take back the streets. >>da: oakland says at least 84 murders so far this year, that is up 10 percent compared to the same time last year. they say one way to get young people to stop the violence is to build a relationship with them. oakland used to this program three years ago but failed. they believe this time they have an unsecured -- community support to make it work. >> the pastor that you just heard from implemented operation cease-fire and boston it was very effective in stopping crime in the area. that is why the city of oakland asked him to come to akland to help implement the with 84 murders in this city of oakland, community members are trying
>> we are live in oakland where an 11 year-old boy is in surgery fighting for his life after he was shot inside his own. we will hear more from his family on what happened before the shooting. >> a car plows into a gas pump causing an explosion. how employees quick thinking prevented a big disaster. >> we're looking for summer sunshine, where you'll find a warmer spots coming up >> a few delays heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. drive times are coming up. >> the time now is 6:00. 11 year-old boy is in serious condition this morning after being hit by a bullet while sleeping in his home in oakland >> we spoke with at boy's family >> the family identifies the boy as 11 year-old luis antonio and you say is he is in surgery right now fighting for his life. they did allow us inside the home to show us where he was shot >> you can see the whole right now with the bullets >> he was asleep with his brother and his uncle when the shooting happened at about 1:00 this morning. we saw multiple bullet holes and it we are learning there are nine other people in the home including an i
. the science center will be opening early. the oakland hills should provide me the good use. the berkeley marina, indecent spot as well. fission's war, sausalito and christie feels, anywhere near the golden gate this thing is going to go over the golden gate and look into the pacific just a little bit. then, it is going to head inland down the peninsula. it will be an informal ceremony tomorrow morning. thousands are expected to watch this magnificat site for mountain view. >> in terms of the weather, ocean beach might be a little bit iffy. it does look like the fog is going to clear from places like oakland fairly early in the morning. here is a live look outside. no cloud cover in sight. it looks like the fog will be confined mainly to the clothesline. the morning lows tomorrow, both fifties. >> the incident happened just after 5:00 p.m.. the restaurant has already closed for the day. this part of the street was also closed because of the farmers' market. the suv driver is a vendor for this event. police say it appears as though he does not have a
of duty his name added to c h p memorial in sacramento. >>> to gang injunctions and sports oakland tries everything to curb the gun violence the killings continue there have been 85 homicides this year. the city rolls out another new plan called " cease-fire " but is the answer or another program reporter christin ayers with that question to oakland mayor. >>> ask anyone they will tell you solutions to oakland's gun violence starts within these walls. mayor jeanne quan's joins oakland's prominent pastors to cut a program called " cease- fire " will it work >>> places like boston and salinas it zeros in on perpetrators and urges church leaders to reach out to them and find jobs. >>> some people involved in the most violent crimes >>> quan is administration struggles to find a foothold the plan foundered when it did not target the most violent areas the number of homicides has climbed to 85. we've heard about 100 blocks and gang injunctions is this another program or sharing about? >>> this is a continuation you guys give it the name in every new cycle but this is a continuation of the wor
the men. oakland raiders opened up the regular season in front of a packed house in the middle of raider nation mayor jeanne quan's. >>> the mayor there to keep all three major sports teams from leaving the city linda yee shows us that is a tall order. >>> raider nation is back, the war paint goes on, and mayor jeanne quan's rallies fans to fight for their teams to stay in oakland >>> whit call this spirit week no question of the fans love their teams >>> will all this be enough? the warrior should cans with san francisco over plans to move the team here empty stands at a's games don't help, now the team pushes to build a new ballpark in san jose. only the raiders have not look for new real-estate >>> mark davis says he wants to stay in oakland >>> you don't think this is too late >>> you deal with the deck you are handed, i've always said i feel like i'm a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the ninth, we make good progress we are moving forward >>> can just keep and football games a year support a new entertainment and hotel complex >>> the mayor counts on sports fans to help >>> would do th
that is burning in the oakland hills, these are live pictures from our tower cam. we are working to get news chopper 2 over the seen. this is in the oakland hills on norfolk road. if you aricking at the hills -- if you are looking at the hills, that would be to the left. our chief meteorologist bill martin says humidity is high, 45%. that is good news for firefighters and winds are not a factor. only 9 miles per hour. again, the headline right now, a fire is burning and looks like it may be a house fire. we don't know for sure but judging from the pictures, it may be a house fire. it is on norfolk road. north of highway 24. >>> authorities are investigating a armed robbery at a marijuana farm. deputies responded to a call in morgan hill. when they arrived they talked to two victims who said they were tied up. 4-6 men dug up marijuana plants in the backyard. they are trying to determine if that marijuana grow was legal. >>> a homeowner says it happened again. a driver lost control and crashed into his backyard. he says this is the 8th time that happened. this is video of the crash. happened l
in oakland and now one man is in the hospital. alex savidge is right near lake merit with more on what police found at the scene that led them to a suspect. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. there was a gun recovered here at the crime scene. at this point oakland police are telling us they do have a person detained in connection with this shooting. it happened right here behind us at 4900 block of lee -- 400 block of lee street. quite a few investigators are out here. this streis still blocked off. police tell us this began as a robbery but ended with one man being shot. the woman he was with though was not hurt. shooting happened just before 2:00 this morning. the armed robber apparently shot this man in the arm and in the chest. he was taken to the hospital. his condition is unclear this morning. but again we do understand police somehow detained a person detained the shooter. we are waiting to speak with one of the commanding officers here on scene. one man shot during a robbery not too far away from lake merit. live this morning in oakland alex savidge. >>> a father and son a
there is no citywide plan for reducing crime. this stunning admission an oakland police reports. the numbers to not buy the isleton audits that leaves little doubt as to why a bay area college is drowning in debt. it could have been a disaster if it weren't for the quick actions of a gas station attendant. explodes into flames after a car loses control and slammed into its it happened in martina's a 530 this afternoon a gas station alhambra avenue in virginia hills drive reporter elizabeth cup talked to one driver who had to run for her life. yeah quakes the air here is still thick with the smoke and smell of burning plastic it all started with a car careening down the road. it shows the car almost narrowly missing another car and then going over the center divider and careening into a gas pump and that is when the entire gas pump practically exploded. that board focus exploded and then the other one exploded. a viewer sent us this video flames licking up the side of fuel, oil gas station. >>> it started out with flames and explosions. she had just pulled into the station to fill up her mitsubishi. sh
michele griego >> i am a frank mallicoat, an 11 year-old oakland boy shot in the middle of the night, in his home, now in stable condition. a barrage of bullets came to the house as a boy and his family slept. cate caugurian has been keeping in touch with the family all morning and we all want to know, how was this boy holding up? >> i spoke to the family a few moments ago and they say that he is recovering from his surgeries' and is expected to be here at the hospital for the next five days. when we sat down with his older brother he told me that he is happy his younger brother is doing well, however he wishes that he could have been there to take the bullet himself. >> my mother lost her brother. so, i'm not ready to lose him. >> the good news is that his 11 year-old brother is expected to be ok but the bad news is that his family says they do not feel safe in their neighborhood. >> my mom says that she does not want to be here anymore. she does not want to live on this house or in the street, but a better place where we can be safe. >> just before 1:00 a.m., the family home was ri
with plaster dust. the sixth grader is expected to spend the next three days in intensive care at oakland children's hospital. >>will: do you have any idea who would do this? >> i do not have any idea. >> haaziq madyun has been falling the police investigation into this shooting. >>haaziq: multiple gunshots fired in the middle of the night leaving the exterior walls of this home covered with full holes. police say this violet shooting is not a random act. >> this particular home was the intended target. >> you can see where the gunshots penetrated the walls of the home just missing several family members who were sleeping inside. one bullet seriously wounded the 11 year-old boy. >> investigators are looking into the motive. fan >>pam: he is to several of -- he is one of several young children that have become victims of gun violence of the last several months. >>pam: we invite you to share your comments on facebook in it twitter. >>pam: the veteran san jose firefighter injured battling a blaze last month has not been released from hospital. doctors say he suffered a heart attac
about the funding and focus of the oakland pride event. >>> a drive on highway 101 in san francisco came to a terrifying end for a man in a delivery van. the van plunged off highway 101 and fell to the grounds about 50 feet below near 15th and vermont street. the driver who did not lose consciousness was rushed to the hospital. he survived the crash largely because he was wearing a seat belt. but they add that excessive speed may have added to that crash. >>> last night officers responded to reports of an argument on nunez drive and flikenger avenue. the driver of a gold cadillac intentionally ran the car into two people. about an hour later police found that cadillac three miles away on gridly street. they arrested copez on suspicion of felony hit-and- run. the victims a 40-year-old woman and 32-year-old man were homicidized but expected to survive -- hospitalized but expected to survivor their injuries. >>> investigators say it's possible a cigarette started that fire. no one was injured. >>> the creators of the oakland fire storm memorial say vandals attacked one of the memorials. mem
in the action at this sports bar in san leandro. this is the best season for the oakland a's and a long time, the team has a shot at making the playoffs. as >> this is the most exciting time for oakland a's fans. it is the most exciting team ever. they came out of more where. >> supporters are so optimistic despite a rocky start to their season. >> i a.m a raiders fan to the end. >> people and sentences are watching the diamonds -- the giants david diamondbacks. if >> i'm feeling pretty good. we're going to the world series. >> they will likely win the division. >> would go to the a's games and the giants games. right now we live in one of the best baseball cities in the world. >> some are hoping the book. teams make it all away to the world series. >> i was born and raised here and i remember the world series, the battle of the bay. coffee death >> i a.m ready for a victory. i'm feeling excited and feeling amazing. the bay area is a wonderful place. we are ready for the teamsters win. >>vicki: it did not look to get out there in arizona. the diamondbacks rookie pitcher lasted
of people looking for moms. >>catherine: ahead, big changes, the online shopping. the oakland a's badly for a spot in the american league playoffs. we will take you live to the coliseum. compact jeff >> this claim has been dumping by retarded, this is a fire in los angeles threatening several large homes in the area. about 10 a. of our have burned. on >> we will stay on top of this developing story and breaking in with any updates throughout the broadcast. >>catherine: if you buy things on amazon it is about to cost you more. justine waldman is here to talk about this. people were really saving. >>justine: midnight tonight is the deadline. >>justine: shoppers are making big-ticket purchases in the stocking up on essential before this tax kicks in. the new law starts tomorrow. how much more you will pay depends on where you live. it is all based on your shipping address. it could be anywhere from a 7 and 1/4% to nine points 75% more. although low and, if you buy something from $100, starting tomorrow european extra $7.24. this is expected to generate more than $200 million a year fo
for downtown san francisco. >> a father allegedly kidnaps his two children. and people in oakland are fed up with the slow response time of law enforcement. >> later in this broadcast, shaq o'neal says let me play one more time! even if it's mexico. and woods vez mcilroy s vez mcilroy -- rsus mcilroy -- >>> residents of the oak moore district in oakland are upset with the police department over what they say is the so response to a brazen daylight robbery last week. a woman was pistol-whipped and her purse stolen. they gathered to ask why it took 20 minutes for officers to respond to a 911 call from neighbors. police explained that reduced staffing is the root cause, but said more can be done by having residents organize neighborhood watch programs. those in attendance they they're frustrated >> gary: there are challenges across oakland in terms of getting the type of response people expect, as well as officers being available to serve and control the neighborhood. residents have to really communalicate effectively -- communicate effectively, get telephone if they need to, call meetings so p
be as fleeting as the confetti today. mike sugerman cbs 5 >>> the oakland a's raise more than $53,000 to fight cancer it was the breast cancer awareness day the tinsel and hats and being jerseys to benefit press cancer education and research. for the past 14 years this event has raised more than one and a quarter million dollars. president obama goes to louisiana tomorrow morning to assess the damage from hurricane isaac. much of the state is under water homeland security secretary jan in the polish town of toward the area and promises the mill will help victims. >>> please no all of us are thinking about louisiana and those who are without homes or abilities or business or ability to open up because of the water or lack of power when no this is a big tough storm we will work throw together. >>> more than 200,000 people without power more than 5000 homes north of new orleans could be under new evacuation orders because of swollen waterways >>> a pleasant sunday evening, things warn the daytime with numbers up to 22 degrees warmer than yesterday. the numbers are set to take a tumble tuesday and
present plower. let's head back to the desk. >>> smashed into a gas meter in oakland, allie as mass just arrived on the scene. >> they just finished towing away the truck that crashed into a taxi cab. that taxi cab crashed into the side of that height am right- hand corner and it busted a gas meater and a water pipe and a strong gas odor object the street. firefighters are to get to the gas shut off valve and people were evacuated as a precaution paint page -- pg&e are here and they are here as a precaution. now the taxi driver was nowhere to be found when police arrived. after the accident he fled on foot but oakland police say he appeared to be very drunk. he was taken into put cushion did i and he could face charges. all the residents will be allowed pack in the home they were in the process of picking it it. >>> another deadly shooting in vallejo is making people feel uneasy and damaged in the process. >> reporter: member don't believe that shooting was justified but police are saying they were for today open fire, he was holding a handgun and was shot to death. the young man wh
. lots of road work. >>> oakland is going to put more money into technology aimed at cutting down on the gun violence. >>> they were approved last night to get the funding of $350,000 of the stands right now shot spotter's covers how the city and police are hoping they can reach or increase the coverage by about 70%. selling to talk about expanding the crime-fighting shot spotter a technology. a woman was hit by flying glass was from a shooting or police say boarded two cars and three homes. city leaders are hoping he this can help make a difference in cases like these. >>> we've had several crucial cases where the shot spotter data has been a crucial point to all of the police department to identify the shooter good application of the shootings. >>> it can pinpoint shops and network nearby officers almost immediately after it was first used in 2006. we know as of so far shots what has been activated in the city of oakland about 4200 times. 911 calls for the shots of rum account for up 25%. cristobalite and the community to report shots in their neighborhood. >>> shots were fired
. and the occupy oakland group turned into one of the most-active in the country. aclu says they received documents confirming lots of people expected the federal government has been keeping an eye on occupy. >> newly lace laid sod being tended to. since demonstrators were evicted. a group of artists filling in a illustration commemorating one-year anniversary of the occupy movement. since it began, aclu has been concerned with how the fbi monitored occupy. >> there is an initial set of documents and gave us a whopping 13 page autos according to the page that's were released, fbi mostly concerned with mass demonstrations targeting port of oakland and oakland international airport. >> this is understandable law enforcement wants to be aware of planned civil disobedience. >> fbi not releasing 24 other pages about monitoring occupy oakland and sites national security reasons. >> we're curious about the information that the fbi withheld and are troubled by justification it's a national security issue. >> fbi did not comment and it issued a brief statement reading in part fbi abides by district guidelin
with ktvu, her words for you tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. live in oakland, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> also three women were injured when someone fired shots into their car. we have video of the scene across from mills college. it happened about 11:30 p.m. they told a witness the shots came from someone in a car next to them. 5 young women were in the car. two were shot. another was hit in the eye by flying glass. >>> coming up at 5:30 p.m., family will tell us about one of the victim's injuries and how police are responding on the street. >>> we are learning more about the fire at a gas station in martinez. it could have been a lot worse. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live to explain why the station didn't explode and turn into a fire ball. >> reporter: frank, as accidents go, this one was a freak. >> reporter: a car leaving the pump backed into it, starting a fire that destroyed it and several car. the manager saw it. >> pushed the gas more on full power. >> reporter: he saw it on the news. >> and we have got so many safety guards that i thought it was impos
world series but tonight at the oakland coliseum >>> prize possession gone out thieves may doctor phil feel when they made off with his 1957 chevy. >>> it was all part of the livelihood of one bay area a family more than half million dollars of diamonds: cash and precious metals stolen from their house the family wonders what they will do reporter don knapp with a one clue police have to go on >>> crime not a worry in this upscale hercules neighborhood. neighbors are concerned how the burglars and of this home and made off with 6 $9,000 in jewels >>> >>> he said only a few outsiders and crews work on is on a new we have a safe whoever came through this window, can write for it >>> they did not touch anything >>> he came home the evening of august 20th and notice something ms >>> i said all my life is on in the door is open i went here and then i said what happened to my safe it was right here the safe was here this way but up and door was open >>> the jury inside gone five hundred 89 items family heirlooms >>> gold chains necklace >>> the loss of $700,000 in cash was staggering to the
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